Etain the Quick

Charismatic thief and leader of Quick Fortunes.


Etain is a thief who has managed by skill and luck (mostly luck) to create and maintain the Quick Fortunes enterprise. He has invested himself fully into shaping QF into something of worth, and cares for it’s members more than his calculating attitude suggests.
Etain is the youngest of 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls. The boys from youngest to oldest are; Etain the Quick, Tam the Fast, Crowfin the Swift and Crawford the Zephyr. Etain has not spoken of his sisters, beyond confirming he has them.
Etain knows many names and seems to have worked with, aided or wronged most people in his past (often the latter). Despite his many acquaintances there are few Etain actually trusts and fewer he would admit to trusting, among these rare few are Screena , Brackas , Burskin and his eldest brother Crawford.


Etain the Quick

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