Anet Pelagia

Bariaur Cleric of Olympus


Anet is a cleric who worships the Greek Gods and more importantly, the actual plane of existence they reside in, Olympus.
Anet was rescued by Etain the Quick , Brackas and Screena in the great expanse of Nothing that weaves through Sigil. She was being held prisoner by a giant who had kidnapped her from her homeplane and forced her to sing him to sleep while he guarded one of the rare trees of Odeniya. Upon being rescued she decided to stay with her rescuers to repay them.
When Quick Fortunes was sent to the bottom of the elemental plane of Water to retrieve a weapon that could kill Hurlant, she drew the short straw and agreed to stay with the ancient aboleth as a slave until the weapon could be returned. The weapon was destroyed and for a time the members of QF believed her lost forever.
Pelor rescued Anet and returned her to QF so that she could assist them in taking down the Shadow Council. Anet shows no memories of her time with the aboleth beyond knowing she was there.
Anet was distressed to find out Hoarsnak had been killed by Crowfin and has shown a more “kill or be killed” attitude since.


Anet Pelagia

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