Quick Fortunes

Welcome to Sigil, Berk.

Screena and Brackas find themselves in Sigil, City of Doors. Here they meet Etain the Quick , who graciously shows them around and gives them their first job (and for just a few pieces of gold too).
The three adventurers are to procure and deliver some golden apples. Etain knows where some can be found and leads them all into Nowhere, a great expanse of nothing in, out and around Sigil.
They find a tree that grows the golden apples they are searching for and meet Anet Pelagia. After freeing her from a giant she agrees to go with them and they manage to escape Nowhere, ending up in a basement of sorts.
Discovering this has been a trap by Guy Sulargo, head judge of the Fraternity of Order who wants nothing more then to see Etain hang, the four adventures fight their way past thugs and Guy himself with some aid from the shardminded wizard, Ixiltlixi.
Turns out Ixil and Etain have a past of working together and Ixil remains with the group as they hide out in the slummier parts of Sigil.



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